Training On Campus

Learncorp International specializes in customized training solutions aimed at meeting the needs of large organizations. When hosting a project at our Canadian facility on the campus of Cape Breton University (CBU), we are able to tailor your training needs to include comprehensive management of learning with our facilities.


The CBU campus offers the ability to host large or small groups of learners, and can be arranged so that training, practical work, accommodations, recreation, and catering services are available from the same location. LCI offers the project management and trainee relations support through our on-site offices and are able to manage all aspects necessary for a comprehensive training solutions package.


The CBU campus boasts state of the art training classrooms and labs, including our dynamic process simulation lab and the distillation trainer. Also located on-campus are the residency buildings, meal services, a world class gym and training facility, as well as, performing arts, music, and cultural activities.


Located in central Cape Breton, the on- campus training solution offers the accessibility and management required for a tailor-made training programs.