Energy and Technology Advanced

Advanced technical training programs are exciting and engaging for the learners. These programs are developed to provide detailed technical information and applications for the learners. The starting point for the development of an advanced program is the determination of the specialty stream and the combination of knowledge and skill assets that are required upon completion of the program.

Over the past 10 years, LCI has distinguished themselves as a world class training company that effectively delivers high quality programs to Operations and Maintenance Technicians for the oil and gas industry. The applications include: onshore and offshore gas production; onshore and offshore oil production; pipeline systems; LNG – gas liquefaction; and LNG – liquid regasification.

Every program is structured to include topics such as: fluid properties; process units; plant equipment; pipe / valves and fittings; hydrocarbon chemistry; product quality; flare and vent systems; utilities; work management systems; distributed process control; alarms and trips; safety and environmental protection.