Energy and Technology Basic

The content included in this section is information that everyone in the oil and gas industry should know. The two primary categories that are covered are – downhole and surface. The topics are presented in a logical sequence that follows the hydrocarbon molecules from deep in the reservoir, until delivered to the customer in liquid or gaseous form. This program would be delivered at a technical level appropriate for the learners, and would include fundamental information related to oil, gas and LNG facilities. Basic information related to plant equipment like pumps, compressors, turbines are provided at an introductory level as well as information on process control, alarms and process safety. It is important for anyone in a technical role to be able to understand the oil and gas acronyms, read technical documents and interpret technical drawings – so this information is provided in an interesting format that allows the learners to practice their skills. Safety systems, plant safety, safety awareness and safe practices are extremely important to everyone in the oil and gas industry. LCI includes safety in all training programs, and has some unique training techniques that build a culture of safety within the learners.

The level of detail that is required will determine the length of this training. A brief course, touching on all topics can be delivered in 4 weeks, while a more in-depth program may take 4 months. LCI will work with your team to determine the appropriate level of detail for your needs.